High-availability usage billing

Bill your customers in real time with our high-availability engine.

A billing engine that powers your growth with precision, reliability, and flexibility.

Fermata enables you to leverage live, micro-transaction billing for your use case. Stream product events and attach revenue events after the fact — opening a world of opportunity for product led growth.

Atomic billing

Bill your customers by the API call, the task, or any atomic measure. This enables you to have a high level of precision that ties your costs of goods sold (COGS) to the revenue you're capturing in each moment.

Fermata attaches pricing and cost to each product event. Delivering a real time stream of usage that is instantly transformed into revenue.

Multi-meter billing

Measure and invoice customers based on multiple meters — all operating concurrently. You can chose which meters are tied to revenue events, enabling pricing flexibility across the spectrum of end-customers.

Stream any kind of product event — and tie each to either a cost structure. Then build plans that utilize these events to charge your customers.

Evolve billing with your growing feature set

As you add new capabilities to your platform, you can easily begin monitoring customer usage and tying it back to your underlying costs without immediately billing end users. This allows you to quickly prototype and test pricing models prior to launching them with your user base.

When you have honed your usage curves, and expected cost models, you can quickly deploy feature gates and metered pricing across your customer base.

Settle balance operations in real-time

Rather than batching event processing at the end of the day, or end of the billing period, Fermata processes each usage event against the respective balance instantly. This enables you to automatically recharge and refill customer accounts as their usage reaches limits, or switch to overage pricing when necessary. Customer notifications and internal alerts are sent as soon as billing and usage thresholds are met, eliminating bill shock.

Simply publish a queue of events for Fermata to consume. The Fermata engine scales horizontally to absorb, process and and complete billing calculations in real time. This way there is the absolute minimum timespace between customer consumption and when billing transactions are settled.

The Fermata engine processes these events in real time.