Cost modeling

Fermata tracks your platform's costs in real-time. Gain a second-by-second pulse on how the business is performing or dive in to investigate which customers and products are driving changes to your costs.

Track to target in real-time

See how you're pacing month-over-month with Fermata's reporting dashboards, providing insights into meeting your quarterly goals. Fermata's tools help you determine the actions needed to fulfill the promises made to your board.

Adapt quickly to changes in costs

Your platform's API and cloud costs can fluctuate unexpectedly. Fermata integrates with major AI and cloud platforms to monitor your expenses in real-time, enabling quick adjustments to protect your bottom line.

Spot unprofitable customers

Relying solely on Excel estimations for customer usage can lead to inaccuracies. Fermata allows you to monitor customer behavior and its impact on your cash flow, identifying unprofitable segments to ensure sustainable growth.

Drive adoption to rainmaker products

Stay informed about your most successful products through detailed analytics. Align your growth strategies to focus on these rainmakers, maximizing profit and driving overall adoption.