Product entitlements

A single API to gate features across plans and customers.

Your lasting source of truth

In the ever-changing landscape of business, where enterprise contracts evolve and account leads may change, Fermata's feature flags act as a steadfast source of truth. They meticulously track which features are available on which plans, ensuring clarity and consistency across your organization.

Easy add and remove features on an account-by-account basis

Release new features at scale

The launch of new features is a pivotal event for any business, raising questions about access and availability. Fermata empowers you to strategically gate features by plan, facilitating a seamless rollout and encouraging plan upgrades to drive additional revenue.

Customize your VIP's experience

Offering personalized experiences is key to retaining high-value clients. With Fermata, you gain the ability to customize down to the individual customer level, allowing you to surprise VIPs with exclusive features that, while cost-effective for you, significantly enhance their perception of your service.

Dashboard control for your Success team

Eliminate the need for complex tools like Postman for feature management. Fermata provides your Customer Success team with an intuitive dashboard, enabling them to easily toggle features on or off for clients, making real-time decisions that positively impact your margin.

Empower your CSX team to override and adjust feature access