Multi-gateway payment orchestration

Intelligently sequence payments to keep customers moving and your credit risk low. Accept local currency payments globally via high speed payment rails.

One integration, many gateways

Fermata supports dozens of payment and credit card processors. With a single integration you can route payments through any of your gateways. Intelligent rules ensure you can rely on local providers like Razorpay or Alipay in markets where they are strongest and most reliable.

Shift easily between capture partners

Fermata centralizes PCI capture and compliant storage — ensuring that your customer data remains portable. You can dynamically adjust payment capture rules in our platform and we'll orchestrate processing customer charges across multiple gateways.

As you expand into international markets, you can quickly enable local payment capture rails utilizing a Fermata partner. This enables you to spin up new gateway relationships without having an interruption in billing.

Direct bank transfer support

Fermata also supports direct bank payments — via supported gateway providers — or Fermata's direct offering. This enables you to avoid costly credit card processing fees for larger transactions. Payment capture rules based on payment size enable you to intelligent switch from credit card to ACH, Wire, or real time payment rails in each local market. Fermata can also programmatically add credit card surcharges where necessary.

Intelligent FX management

As you expand globally intelligently reducing foreign exchange costs, known as FX, becomes a more critical role. Fermata enables you to intelligently route payment capture destinations to keep local currency in-market.

Fermata will automatically net-out captured payment against payables in each market, automatically reducing expensive foreign transaction fees.

Payout orchestration

Fermata supports orchestrating payouts via a number of partners. Control payouts across hundreds of supported locales and dozens of supported currencies from a single pane of glass. Utilizing real time payment rails in many markets, you can release funds in local currencies at instantaneous speeds.