The perfect payment stack for your platform

A single API call that transforms product events into revenue and routes funds from Toronto to Timbuktu.

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Payments captured

Infinite flexibility from one lightweight integration

Track events on your platform using our library — we'll normalize the data, attach pricing, and orchestrate payment capture from the right gateway.

Price your customers however you want to: usage, recurring subscription, or custom plans for each enterprise customer.

Easily manage prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid billing in one platform.

Multi-gateway support

Fermata integrates across over a dozen popular payment gateways, with a single integration in your app.

Utilize Razorpay in India, Stripe in the US, and Airwallex in Asia to improve capture rates and intelligently optimize FX. Keep redundant gateways ready in the wings, just in case.


Payouts sent

Automatic payment routing

Accept inbound payments via local currencies and local payment rails with ease. Then split and transfer funds across borders.

Optimize FX transfers with automatic netting and intelligent treasury management.

Top notch supply-side experience

Begin onboarding and paying the supply side of your marketplace — from gig workers to vendors — without any engineering lift.

Provide your contractors with a self-service platform that reduces supply-side churn and your support tickets.

When payments just work, you can focus on your real business.

And grow globally, stress free.

Fermata separates billing & payment workflows from your production code. Helping you and your team focus on what makes your platform great — not how to calculate invoices and capture payment. Fermata features drop-in billing components, so you never have to build another plan manager, invoice table, or billing portal.

With integrations across dozens of payment processors and payout platforms, you can control billing and payments no matter where your business grows.

187 markets
Process payments globally
26 currencies
Accept and pay out in local currencies
500k tps
Process usage events in real time, at speed
92 BPS
Average savings per transaction

Throughline from product event to cash

Stream usage events to Fermata, and then attach pricing and capture payment.
Have a clear throughline from product event to revenue event with cost, extending even out to payouts.

Future-proof your platform’s billing & payments, for free

Process up to $1 Million in annual revenue for free.