Cross-border payouts

Fermata makes it simple to deliver funds globally for your marketplace. Utilizing both global and local payment rails, you can deliver funds at near-instant speeds to hundreds of locales around the world.

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Transmit funds across borders and build marketplace platforms in hundreds of countries

Fermata makes it easy to accept and send funds across borders. From emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa — to primary business channels across North America and Europe.

Fermata's multi-currency architecture enables fine-grained controls of FX and flow of funds.

Fermata provides an end-to-end solution to onboard beneficiaries and transmit funds in local currencies around the world.

Intelligently reduce FX fees with Fermata's Auto-Net-Out platform.

Full KYC and KYB baked in

Fermata provides a end-to-end global compliance flow for your platform. This enables a smooth onboarding experience for beneficiaries. Quickly add gig workers, contractors, or service providers to your platform.

One platform for both local and global payment rails

Fermata empowers you with a single pane of glass to coordinate payouts. Optimize for speed, FX rates, or both as you orchestrate payouts across a wide selection of payment rails.

Permission to move across the globe

Payout in hundreds of markets across the globe.

Self-service beneficiary account management

Fermata provides a white label beneficiary account management platform. Provide gig workers and payees a single place to monitor upcoming deposits, edit bank accounts, and export documents.

Automate payout calculations

Stream product events into Fermata, and attach costs and payouts. The Fermata Engine provides a fully auditable trail from payment capture, to your revenue splits, to global payout.

Fully automate payout calculations and payout orchestration from a single pane of glass.

Save millions with automatic FX optimization

Intelligently route payouts to reduce foreign transaction fees. From leveraging a global network of bank accounts, to automatically netting out foreign exchange transactions across your own treasury accounts.  

Save on FX fees, stress free

See why global marketplaces are switching to Fermata to orchestrate payouts globally and save on FX fees.